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How to Increasing Your Fees with Current Clients with Darren Hunter
Rockend has partnered with Darren Hunter from Inspired Growth Training to bring you this complimentary webinar. After 16 years specialising in fee maximisation across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Darren gives you the strategies to implement in successfully increasing your fees.

In this webinar we will cover:
• The top five stats that must be monitored every month to drive your profit margin.
• The three categories your clients must be placed into before you can increase fees.
• Which fees to add and increase, and which to leave alone.
• Know the eight effective keys to write an effective fee increase letter.
• The three crucial tools that are placed into your notification letter or email.

When? October 4 @ 12.30pm AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Property managers and BDMs. This webinar is open to all, you DON'T need to use REST Professional to attend. 


Simplify your Bank Reconciliation In STRATA Master

Simplify your bank reconciliation process so you can save time, reduce errors, and gain a better understanding of reports.

In this webinar we will cover:
• What is a Bank Reconciliation and when to do it
• Bank Reconciliation Process
• How to resolve errors/discrepancies

When? October 18 @ 11.00am AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Anyone who performs the bank reconciliation in STRATA Master. 


Management and KPI Reports In REST Professional
  • Are you regularly evaluating the performance of your business, team and portfolio? Are you proactively identifing areas of opportunity for your business? Are there areas where you are missing out on revenue? If you don't know how to access all of this information from within REST Professional then this webinar is for you!

In this webinar we will cover:
• How to pull Management Reports from rest professional
• How to effectively monitor and manage your agency using key reports
• How to Monitor Property Management or Team performance through the use of KPI Reporting

When? October 19 @ 1.00pm AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Principals, Department Heads and office managers who monitor performance and are looking to assess business results. 


Using Reminders In STRATA Master
Learn how to best use reminders in STRATA Master so no tasks are forgotten and you're always up to date with contracts, compliance, and more. We will also show you how to report on reminders.

In this webinar we will cover:
• How to configure Reminders
• When you can use Reminders
• Different types of Reminders

When? November 16 @ 2.00pm AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Any STRATA Master users who want to utilise reminders better. 


The Creditor Payment Process In REST Professional
  • Get a better understanding of the end to end payment process, so you are better equipped to handle mistakes or errors through reversals, and can ensure that you are following the most efficent payment process in REST professional.

In this webinar we will cover:
• Entering Invoices
• The end to end creditor disbursement process in REST Professional
• Reversing payments, bank files and cheques
• Understanding an outstanding disbursement

When? November 23 @ 1.00pm AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Users with a basic understanding of REST Professional and are involved or want to understand either the invoice entry or creditor payment process.


Investment Bank Accounts In STRATA Master

Learn how to better manage your investments and increase simplicity when reconciling accounts.

In this webinar we will cover:
• How to set up investment accounts
• Reconciling investment accounts
• Transferring to/from Investment Accounts
• Reporting on Investments

When? December 11 @ 11.00am AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: STRATA Master users who manage Strata Plans with Investment Bank accounts. 


Bank Reconciliations In REST Professional
  • Do you want to better understanding of the Bank Rec process, or even just make sure you are processing everything correctly? This webinar will help you do that, whilst also enabling you to better identify and rectify errors.


In this webinar we will cover:
• Understanding the Bank Reconciliation Screen
• Performing a Bank Reconciliation
• Troubleshooting and resolving common balancing problems

When? December 13 @ 11.00am AEST
Length? 30min + Q&A
Who: Users with a basic understanding of the REST Professional Software, understand the basic principles of trust accounting and are involved in the bank reconciliation process.


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