Torquay Links Property, Torquay VIC


Torquay LINKS Property was founded in 2007 by Lynne Hayden. Lynne made the decision to grow the rent roll organically and in five short years is now managing over 140 high end rentals with a team of five. LINKS Property began using PropertyTree in September 2012. Lynne talks about her experience with the application.

What prompted you to implement PropertyTree?
We were looking for a cloud based system that would allow our team to access data from anywhere without the need for a server. Our previous system was very manual; it was clunky and it took three times the amount of labour, plus there was always room for error. We struggled to provide statements of any kind and relied on our owners paying maintenance directly, so it was hard to manage maintenance invoicing for them. PropertyTree solved these problems. Now we can do everything for our clients in less time. We hold their hands through any process and provide an informative and well laid out monthly statement.

How easy was it to start using PropertyTree?
Getting started was very straight forward. With four hours of training we were flying solo! Before our training we were already adding our data which gave us a great idea of how the system worked. The support from PropertyTree is fantastic; PropertyTree leads the market with quick responses and helpful support.

How has PropertyTree changed the way you work on a daily basis?
The fact that it generates so many reports means that we can jump in and quickly get a snapshot of what’s happening across the business. We can see rental arrears, outstanding and current maintenance and when leases are ending or turning over. All of this allows us to be more proactive in our forecasting. Being able to get information at a glance is a bonus.

What is the best part of PropertyTree being available online?
Our staff all work very independently, usually offsite so we needed a system that didn’t require a server and we could all tap into from anywhere. A cloud based system allows us to access data from appointments or on the road. We wanted a simple system that focused on the fundamentals of running our rent roll. We have guaranteed back up, so there’s no risk of losing our data. It provides a sense of security for you and your landlords, knowing that our intellectual property is always secure. Plus I can be away on holidays and check in on the business at any time!

How has PropertyTree improved your business?
We have has been able to increase our management fees from 6.6% to 8% which has increased our revenue by approximately 15-20%. Our labour hours have decreased, so the staff can now spend more time actually doing maintenance, writing reports and going out to properties. Overall we are able to provide a much more polished service.

What would you say to anyone considering using PropertyTree?
PropertyTree is not just PropertyTree, it’s backed by Rockend and that’s a solid backing. It’s always improving; we get the best updates every month and there’s always value being added to the system. It’s a no fuss system, easy to use, with a smart and professional look. Don’t hesitate.