Toop&Toop, Adelaide

Toop&Toop is a successful and innovative real estate agency in South Australia. The company embraces new technology and constantly seeks innovative business methods. Rockend recently caught up with Suzannah Toop, Head of Property Management, to discuss her experience with the Rockend’s Peak Performance Review. The Peak Performance Review is a diagnostic of your office's use of REST Professional, complete with an annual action plan to implement process improvements.

Why did you decide to participate in the Peak Performance Review?
Our business has significantly grown and we wanted to ensure we were using REST Professional to its full capacity. We believed we may have been using 40-50% of the software, so we wanted to maximise our software investment and ensure we were using the new features and enhancements.

What benefits were you expecting from the Peak Performance Review?
We wanted to identify areas where we could improve efficiency. Given the size of our business, it was important to engage an external consultant to identify any inconsistent areas across our business. We also wanted to identify ways to improve or simplify those processes for all involved. If there was a better or faster way of doing something in REST Professional, we wanted all teams to be aware of this and put it into practice.

What was your experience with the delivery of the Peak Performance Review?
Fantastic. The report was very comprehensive and our team was impressed with the level of detail. We constantly refer back to the report as it really helped strategically map out the next 12 months for our business. It has also guided our monthly internal training program by helping us ensure that we cover off all key items from the previous month.

How have your processes improved since implementing the recommendations in the Health Check?
We have always had very strong processes and systems in place in our business, so we saw this as an opportunity to update and further streamline our existing processes. Many of our standard operating procedures were written 12-18 months ago. Since then, new features and enhancements have been released and while we thought we may have been working to best practice, it really gave us an opportunity to refine and update these procedures. I had comfort in knowing that Rockend helped us analyse our processes across the business and helped identified our weaker areas and align improvements with the features in REST Professional.

Is there a single greatest benefit of the review?
Awareness. By having an external consultant scrutinise our business we became aware of key areas which needed work and useful features in REST Professional. Now that we’ve gone through the review process, we have our action items for the next 12 months and we are actively implementing the changes and constantly seeking ways to improve processes. Interviewing and involving the entire team added a subjective element to the report, analysing how individuals felt they were using the software, and then comparing it with the hard data from REST Professional. This identified key learning areas for individuals in the business and provided a comprehensive analysis of our software usage. Overall, I felt the Peak Performance Review was a very worthwhile exercise for our business and we have already seen improvements.