Taylors Estate Agents, Randwick NSW

How much time are you currently spending processing your bills and invoices? This daily procedure can be a time consuming and mundane task for property managers. As your property portfolio grows, so too does the influx of paperwork and processing you are required to attend to each day. To help speed up these processes some councils are now including QR codes (Quick Response Codes) on their documentation. Waverly Council was the first council in Australia to implement this technology. Rockend caught up with Taylors Estate Agents, a business located in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to discuss how their day-to-day operations have changed since implementing fileSMART and the benefits of QR Code scanning.

What has been your experience with fileSMART?
We implemented fileSMART into our business to improve our daily processes and since its implementation our business has seen hugely beneficial results. fileSMART has not only saved our business physical storage space but it has helped to reduce the time spent on laborious daily processes. Using fileSMART has cut the time spent paying and processing accounts in half, if not more.  Searching and retrieving data is no longer a manual and time consuming task, our entire database sits at our fingertips and we can now pull up the documentation we require in a matter of seconds.

How has the fileSMART helped your business?
The workflows have helped us to considerably speed up our daily procedures. If a client needs a document we can quickly locate the document required through fileSMART and email it off. This timely turn around has helped us to improve our customer service offering and grow our client base. fileSMART acts as a central storage point for our entire office and since implementing the system our data is more accurate and up to date than our previous operating procedures.

What was your experience using the QR code scanning?
It was so quick and easy, I scanned the document and fileSMART did the rest. There was no manual data entry required, the QR Code pre-populated the data fields with all the correct information.  All I had to do was simply check the amounts were correct and approve it.

Prior to using the QR Code scanning, it would take us and average of 1.5 minutes to process each council rate. The QR Codes mean that it now take us a matter of seconds. We were able to process 40 documents in 5 minutes, which is a feat for a job which would have previously taken us an hour! We hope more councils introduce QR Codes on their rates as the QR Code is by far the easiest way to process the documentation.

How would you describe fileSMART?
Life changing! fileSMART has increased our productivity and streamlined our daily processes. We now have more time to spend with clients and work on other aspects of the business. We would recommend fileSMART to anyone who asks, the benefits of a paperless office are priceless.