StrataWorks, Cairns

In the words of Peter Clark, Principal of StrataWorks
How long have you been working in strata management?
I've been working in strata management since 1994 and set up StrataWorks in 2004. Originally we started off with a general bookkeeping software and then went in search of a strata specific software to meet our growing needs. We looked at a couple of different software providers and even looked at STRATA Master although it wasn't until 2009 that we actually gave STRATA Master a shot.
We were having a range of issues with our previous software which in hindsight started the moment we implemented, however hoping for the best we stuck it out for a couple of years and then decided to start shopping around again. We again looked at STRATA Master and BC Max but in the end went with STRATA Master.
We began a two stage implementation process in 2009 and it was just a dream. Having a "once bitten, twice shy" mentality towards specific strata software I was surprised at the amount of planning Rockend had put into the implementation stage and although it was hard work at the beginning the results were immediate. We started by exporting all the static information into STRATA Master and once it was all centralised the reports we were getting told us exactly what we were expecting, which sounds simple but seeing as we'd had issues with confusing reporting with our previous software, the reports issued from STRATA Master were just a dream. We finished the static and financial implementation in 2010.
During implementation the support provided by Rockend was fantastic. At first I was a little wary that no one was going to fly up and hold our hand but the training we received was brilliant. We had technical support out of WA and the knowledge and standard of expertise that we received from both the tech support and account management was phenomenally good.
It just made the whole experience a lot easier. It was a difficult time for me because I was dealing with the financial burden of my business partner retiring and at the same time I had employed two new staff members. It was chaotic, but the support from Rockend was marvellous.
How has STRATA Master improved your day to day work?
Having all the data centralised was a huge advantage. It took time getting more information in there, but now, for example we have the plans and community management statements in there which is great. I can now sit at my desk with STRATA Master open and at the click of a button have all the information easily accessible if a client makes an enquiry on the phone.
How has STRATA Master improved your service to clients?
Customers don't really know what you're going through to access their information, but internally we know we can access that information so much faster and easier when it's all centralised and you don't have to go into other programs and look for it. So in terms with our ability to deal with the volume of work, Strata Master greatly enhanced that capacity.
What feature makes the biggest difference?
Strata Master makes the big difference! I think the biggest advantage is the electronic processing of receipts and then payments, because previously we were manually processing payments. We would receive a bundle of cheques in the mail in the morning and the first thing you would have to do is process all the cheques. Having STRATA Master in conjunction with Macquarie Bank, which enables people to use Bpay and all the other payment options and be able to process those payments with a downloaded file, is an enormous advantage. Making the payment of creditors in the way that STRATA Master allows us to do is just an enormous advantage compared to what we were doing previously.
STRATA Master also enables the bank accounts to reconcile every day, whereas previously we would have to reconcile manually which was a huge task.
What would you say to anyone considering changing software to STRATA Master?
Don't look anywhere else! I came to STRATA Master with that once bitten twice shy effect of having a terrible experience with strata software in the past and I wouldn't have thought that anything can be as good as STRATA Master. It really is a revolution and the support that you get from Rockend is so professional.
I thank Rockend every day for STRATA Master.