Ray White Blackall, Blackall

Helen Aspinall runs Ray & White Blackall and has been working in the Real Estate industry for the past six years. Helen started using PropertyTree to help simplify her daily processes. Rockend caught up with Helen to speak about her experience with PropertyTree, Australia and New Zealand’s first cloud based property management software.

Why did you decide to use PropertyTree?
My accountant suggested investigating some property management software when I started the business. I initially had a very small rent roll, so I wasn’t sure if software was the best option for my business. When I looked into PropertyTree, it suited my price range and had all the features I needed to successfully start my business.

Did you find it easy to start using PropertyTree?
I was surprised at how easy it was to learn, which was mainly due to the online training. The trainer helped me through my first end of month to ensure I was doing everything correctly. I found the financials and accounting systems in PropertyTree very simple and straight forward to follow.

Has PropertyTree improved your business?
PropertyTree has made me more efficient. Having the work orders go directly to tradespeople saves a lot of time and ensures they are completed. The online training helped improve some of our business processes, and as such we now reconcile daily. 

Has PropertyTree improved your service to clients?
Definitely, many clients ring me wanting reports for their accountants and with PropertyTree it’s so simple for me to search and print out or email them the report. 

What’s the best part of PropertyTree being online?
Due to the nature of my business it is important I can access information on the go. I like being able to do my business when I’m away or on the road. I’m on the road a lot as our business has clients over a 200km radius. I can check all of my information on my iPad and I have access to clients’ names and numbers wherever I go.

What would you say to anyone considering using PropertyTree?
It’s a great program which is easy to use. Rockend provides a great support network and help you to fully understand the program. It has made accounting and auditing more efficient and simple. I would recommend PropertyTree to anyone who is looking for an affordable and easy to use program.