Raine & Horne Commercial Northern Beaches, Dee Why, NSW


Chris West from Raine & Horne Commercial Northern Beaches discusses their experience with the Peak Performance Review.

What were you hoping to achieve from the Peak Performance Review?
We had just purchased a commercial rent roll and we were looking for the best way to try to integrate that into our business. We also wanted to identify any efficiencies in REST Professional, areas that either we weren’t using correctly or we weren’t using at all. We really wanted to streamline the way that we were doing business.

As part of the Peak Performance Review, you received a presentation of the report and a 12 month action plan. What was your experience with this?
The delivery was very thorough and the report provided us with a blueprint moving forward, which was the action plan and training schedule. It was good to get a snapshot of the outcomes that we were hoping to achieve and by breaking the action plan into quarters, it means that it’s easier to stick to. Having 10 or 15 things per quarter means that were not overloading our staff with too much information at once. It’s about spreading the training out so it gives us a chance to really take what we’re learning on board and implement any process changes. It helped us to make sure that we were sticking to it and rolling it out in a timely fashion.

How has the Peak Performance Review improved how you work on a daily basis?
Our processes have improved quite dramatically. The Peak Performance Review has taught our property managers quite a lot about the program that they never knew existed. It’s really helped by streamlining their day to day tasks, they can now click two buttons instead of printing out 100 letters and things like that. We’re saving a lot of time now and that’s purely because of things that have been identified in the report. Our property managers are armed with more knowledge now so they’re working smarter as opposed to working harder which they were doing before.

Did the Peak Performance Review uncover any revenue opportunities?
Yes it did. As it highlighted how both portfolios were operating differently, we found fees that we weren’t charging that we should have been. Since the delivery of the report, we now have a set schedule of fees that we now charge across the business.

Have you seen wider business benefits after the Peak Performance Review?
It improved the way we were using REST Professional 100% but it has had a flow on effect to how the department is now run. Our policies and procedures have all been updated to reflect the findings in the report so it’s improved the way that the department is running on a day to day basis. The single greatest benefit of the Peak Performance Review was transparency. The findings were made clear to all staff, everyone has seen the report, the action plan and the training schedule so the business goals are clear and everyone is pulling together to achieve them.

Would you recommend the Peak Performance Review?
Given that we achieved the outcomes that we were hoping to with the Peak Performance Review, yes. It gave us a really valuable insight into the unknown commodity that we were buying, but it also identified areas of our business that we could improve. By uncovering the extra potential income streams, it’s certainly been good for us; the results speak for themselves. The benefit to us has been making our property managers more efficient. With the time that we’re saving by having them working smarter, it’s certainly worth it.