Pristine Living Management, Sydney

Pristine Living Management is a Sydney-based boutique agency with over 25 years’ experience in the residential and property development marketplace.
Guylaine Senat talks to Rockend about her experience working at the family run business and how STRATA Master has improved their business efficiency.

I’ve been working for Pristine Living since 2001 and prior to that was in hotel management. I was looking for a change in career and working at the family business wasn’t meant to be a long term thing but I found out that I was actually quite good at it! I believe coming from a hotel background really helped me with the core management principals.
When I first started we were on a DOS system. There were plenty of limitations but at the same time that was what was available on the market at that time. We started looking at STRATA Master because it was a Windows based program which meant the reporting was a lot easier to access and the functionality of the program was a lot easier. They were basic technological enhancements which we needed at the time.
Upgrading to STRATA Master was fairly smooth, one of the main reasons we chose STRATA Master was because we wanted to make sure that our current information could be transferred easily and that was definitely something Rockend helped us with.
Whenever I have a problem in STRATA Master I try and work it out myself first. It’s great because the Help Menu is already on line and most times that helps me to solve the issue. If I can’t work it out there that’s when I call Rockend support which is always fantastic.
STRATA Master has made such a big difference to our business. Efficiency is the best word to describe it. I believe the diary is one of the most useful tools in the software, we use it religiously and did our own in-house training when the feature became available. Our staff are quite systematic in that every phone call and email, every piece of correspondence is logged into the diary and we use it to its full potential. It allows us to go back on a matter and search what’s happened to date, how much time has been spent on the issue and how much time has been billed at each stage. It’s been a learning curve for staff, but it’s about self-discipline and using the technology to it’s full potential. We always use the analogy that when you contact your utility provider for information on your account, you expect that they’re going to log a call in the system and that’s exactly what we expect our staff to do as well.
STRATA Master has improved the service to our clients considerably. For example when it comes to repairs and maintenance, which is the biggest thing our clients are always concerned with, having the diary system helps with our time management. We can now make sure we systematically have the due dates set up and we know exactly which day or month certain things are going to be worked on. The emailing of levy notices is also a new function that we’ve been able to introduce clients to, which has made it considerably easier for them.
I would highly recommend STRATA Master and Rockend as a software partner. It works for our business and has made a huge difference to the efficiency of our office.