Landmark Russell, Cobar


Landmark Russell is well known in the Cobar and Western Division. Operating since 1984, the family run business provides services in real estate and property management. Office Manager Nicole McGuire talks to Rockend about their recent change to REST Professional. 

I joined Landmark Russell in 2011 as their office manager. At the time they were using a property management software which they had been using since 1995, so there was some initial concern about changing systems.
One of the main reasons we decided to upgrade to REST Professional was because we were experiencing some data issues and became aware that things weren’t running as smoothly as they used to. We also started to require a lot more functions that we knew REST Professional had.

I looked into getting REST about 12 months ago and ended up putting it aside due to the cost and also just the convenience of continuing to use our existing software instead of going to the hassle of changing, which in hindsight was a waste of time. We should have changed over sooner as the software has improved our business efficiency tenfold.

It came down to the functionality that REST Professional offers which made us want to make the change. We wanted to be able to utilise the reporting, especially the KPI reporting and all the maintenance follow up options. We had these functions in our existing software but I knew that they just weren’t as efficient.

The process of upgrading would have been impossible without the assistance and support of Rockend. We loved the fact that they actually sent an implementation consultant onsite to hold our hand throughout the process. Sure it was a little intimidating at the start, but with Rockend’s support we felt backed up and it was that trust that made the experience run smoothly.

Since the upgrade the software has exceeded our expectations. It’s made everything a lot more efficient and it’s made all the staff more aware of their own processes. We’ve reassessed our internal processes to make them more defined and to be able to use the software to its full potential. I don’t think we could ever go back to life before REST Professional!

On a daily basis it’s improved so many simple tasks, for example the tenant refund. It now takes just minutes to refund a tenant overpaid rent whereas it used to be a whole different story on our previous software. It’s fantastic! We’ve also just started using the mid-month payment and now our contractors aren’t waiting a full month to get paid. They’re getting their money a lot quicker which means they’re more keen to do work for us and everyone is a lot happier.

The support as I mentioned is 10 out of 10, and that includes both the implementation and the training. The over the phone support is efficient and it’s clear that you’re talking to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Considering how long we had used our previous software provider for, we were quite apprehensive at the beginning but now we are definitely team REST! The end of month process is a breeze, completely fool proof that you can’t miss a step. It’s made our jobs so much easier. It forces you to look at your own procedures in the business and streamline them to make the whole office more efficient.