Jennifer Aaron, Leichhardt, NSW

Jennifer Aaron runs a small boutique Real Estate Agency in Sydney’s Inner West. Rockend caught up with Jennifer to speak about her experience using PropertyTree, Rockend’s cloud based property management solution.
What made you decide to use PropertyTree as your software solution?
I was looking for a property management software as my current systems were outdated and inefficient. After speaking to my trust accountant and several people in the industry they all recommended PropertyTree from Rockend. I was familiar with Rockend and their products, but I wasn’t sure if I needed a software solution as my agency is boutique. I got to the stage where I knew I needed to improve my property management systems and PropertyTree seemed like the right solution for my business.
How has PropertyTree improved your business?
It has dramatically improved my business. PropertyTree has simplified my business processes and drastically improved my businesses productivity, I’m saving about 10 hours per month. By using a cloud based software solution I can use PropertyTree when I’m on the run and update information from any place, anytime. As the software is online, it’s easy to reconcile every day, which makes invoicing a much faster and efficient process for my landlords.
How has PropertyTree changed the way you work on a daily basis?
It has freed me up to do a lot of other things in the sales side of my business. PropertyTree has automated a lot of processes, it saves me so much time. PropertyTree has made property management so easy and effortless for me.
How has PropertyTree improved your service to clients?
My clients love it as the invoices and information provided are far more detailed than I was providing before. Clients now receive copies of all invoices relating to their property, which I can seamlessly email to them. This improves the quality of their personal records and they’ve given me great feedback; they love it.
How would you rate the service Rockend provides?
The customer service at Rockend is exceptional and I would highly recommend Rockend’s products and PropertyTree based on the positive service experience I have had. I initially struggled using PropertyTree as I had never used property management software before, but the help from the customer service team was invaluable. As I am a small agency all of my suppliers become part of my team, and their support is fundamental to the success of my business. Overall the experience has been nothing but positive, I would highly recommend PropertyTree, I couldn’t ask for better customer service.