Havig & Jackson Real Estate, Clayfield

Havig & Jackson Real Estate was established in 1984. Tony Mower, Principal, took over the Queensland based agency in 2004. The office is renowned for its high quality customer service and winning results. Tony recently completed a Rockend Peak Performance Review and has seen vast process improvements since the review. Rockend spoke with Tony about his experience with the Peak Performance Review and the resulting benefits.

Why did you decide to engage the Peak Performance Review?
There were three main reasons why we decided to partake in the review. We didn’t think were using REST Professional to its full capacity, we wanted to enhance and improve our internal processes and we wanted to ensure we weren’t missing out on any features. I was hoping to pinpoint the weaker areas of our business and improve these systems and procedures. I knew that there were areas we could improve on and I was hoping the Peak Performance Review could assist in improving these areas. Our people are the most important aspect of our business so I wanted to ensure our staff were making the most of our software resources. 

What was your experience with the delivery of the report?
We were extremely happy with the report delivery. The report itself was incredibly thorough and covered everything that was promised. Our team weren’t entirely sure what the document would include, but the level of detail surpassed all of our expectations. As the Principal, I often refer back to the document to make sure we are implementing all of the proposed strategies.

What did you think of the 12 month action plan in the report?
We found the 12 month action plan incredibly useful. The action plan helps you break down the report into a manageable and achievable strategy for your business. Rather than just telling us what we need to do, it’s been broken down into achievable timeframes. We designated two staff to oversee and implement the changes. I would suggest this method to anyone participating in the Peak Performance Review as it helps you make the most of your review.

How have your processes improved since implementing your recommendations?
Since the review we are definitely more of a paperless office. We are generating far less printing and instead, are now emailing invoices and documents to clients with fileSMART PrintMail. The vast majority of our end of month communications were being sent via email but since the review we have broadened these paperless processes to include all of our day-to-day communications as well. These procedural changes have boosted efficiency work place and have boosted staff performances.