Gary Peer, St Kilda

Gary Peer is one of Melbourne’s leading independent real estate businesses, serving clients across most of the inner south and south eastern suburbs. Known for their comprehensive knowledge of the area, personalised and valuable service with a local touch, every member of the Gary Peer team stakes their personal reputation on delivering a truly exceptional real estate experience. Jenny Caughey, Office Manager, speaks about how fileSMART has helped the business grow and enabled the team to provide an even higher level of service.

What problems with documents did you have before fileSMART?
The biggest problems were storage and the difficultly to locate documents quickly. Duplicate copies of documents were being kept by different teams so we were running out of storage space quickly.

Why did you decide that fileSMART was the solution for you?
fileSMART was a natural choice for us as it links to REST Professional. When we first began looking into REST Professional as a software option we looked at fileSMART as an additional bonus at the same time. The choice was simple and the upgrade experience was also reasonably easy. Our biggest challenge was getting our heads around the software but after sending the team to training, everyone was happy and on board very quickly.

What was your experience implementing fileSMART?
Training has been fantastic, we’ve created great relationships with trainers and consultants who have made it really easy for us to get the answers we need when we need them. Everybody we’ve ever spoken to at Rockend about fileSMART or REST Professional has been fantastic.

How has fileSMART improved your business and service to clients?
Having everything in one place has improved our business dramatically, it’s easier to find documents and saves the entire team time and energy. The service to our clients has been improved with fileSMART as it allows us to respond much more quickly. Filing and retrieving documents for clients can now be done with the click of a button, another click and it’s emailed to them. Our accounts team now send out the Christmas closure notice at the click of a button where once they would have been folding individual letters to stuff envelopes with! fileSMART has given our property managers their time back and as a property manager, time it is their most precious commodity. 

What feature makes the biggest difference?
I have to say there is no individual feature that makes the biggest difference, the whole program has changed our business. We’re learning to use the workflows now, so we can scan invoices and fileSMART picks up the barcodes. We previously had to enter around 15,000 invoices a quarter, so fileSMART has reduced this process to just minutes and has saved us a day and a half at least.

How would you rate the service Rockend provides?
Rockend has provided us with amazing service, the consultants and trainers are great we have never had a concern or issue. They respond to your requests for help in no time at all and the level of service and guidance has been outstanding.

What would you say to anyone considering using fileSMART?
Anyone considering fileSMART and Rockend should just do it. You will never go back, the face of your office will change completely. We have one veteran of the industry in our office who has always been completely anti software programs and fileSMART has changed the way he works, he maintains it’s the best thing we’ve ever done across the entire history of the business and recommends it to everyone. fileSMART is the biggest change we have made as a business and it was the best move.