Dunham Realty

Dunham Realty was originally established in 2008 by Chris Dunham as a sales agency, later branching into property management and quickly growing to 50 properties. For a long while it was just Chris and his wife running the business. Chris says that they “had some tough times but with the assistance of Rockend we’re travelling pretty nicely now and have grown to about 90 properties”.

What problems did you have with your previous system and how did this affect your business?
We had various issues that our previous provider said was a result of our hardware & other software installed. We upgraded our computers as requested but it made no difference. We also had problems with our statements. We had a year where none of our statements made any sense, partly because we’d allocated some information incorrectly but the original data transfer had also been set up incorrectly.

Our provider worked with us to fix the error, but as we headed into another end of month we realised nothing had been corrected. Our provider finally admitted they were at fault but at that point it was too late. That’s when we made the decision to change to REST Professional. When you suddenly have 45 angry owners whose accountants are telling them that their property manager is hopeless you know there’s a problem.

We worked really hard to gain those managements and were really proud of everything else we were doing to manage them but we were let down by our statements and we were suddenly fighting to hold onto our clients. It wasn’t a difficult decision, to be able to choose someone who was going to be able to help us was a relief.

What was your experience upgrading to REST Professional?
We switched over in mid-September 2011 and had a lot of hard work ahead of us to fix the incorrect data. It was difficult but our consultant was an absolute angel. She put us first and understood we wanted correct data so our statements were perfect. She went above and beyond.

How has REST Professional improved your business?
REST Professional has improved how we get information out to our landlords and quality of information we are now providing. We are not great with technology but REST Professional has made it easy. We are encouraged by the feedback we get from owners; they really appreciate the accurate information and the way it comes out.

Even our service providers have commented on the improvement with work orders. We also like the fact we can store all of our communications including photographs because after all, not every landlord is as perfect as we’d like. We’ve never had this level of satisfaction with other providers. When something works properly it just saves you time. 

How has REST Professional improved your service to clients?
The delivery and accuracy of information saved the clients we nearly lost with our previous software. Nothing weighs on your mind more than thinking you haven’t delivered good service to someone. It’s about the peace of mind. If everything’s been communicated correctly we should receive no phone calls or emails at the end of the month and this is our litmus test.

We took great pleasure in getting no calls at the end of January as that’s a difficult month and if you’re ever going to get arrears it’ll be after Christmas but the statements went out and not one of our 90 owners called or questioned their statement.

How would you rate the service Rockend provides?
Ten out of ten! To have someone who really wanted to help, the same voices reassuring us that this happens to the best of us and the feeling Rockend genuinely wanted us to achieve the best possible outcome in the end was fantastic. We have since attended some events; learnt about new features and realised we don’t have to be timid about asking questions and trying out new features of the software.

What would you say to anyone considering using REST Professional?
Take our word for it, we’ve tried the rest, go with the best. Starting afresh with someone who really wanted to help restored our confidence in ourselves and our business.