Croll Real Estate, Neutral Bay

Croll Real Estate has been located in the heart of North Shore Sydney for over 100 years. A family run business with an experienced and vibrant team, they regularly achieve above market expectations.
I’ve been working at Croll Real Estate for just over ten years now doing sales and property management as well as general accounting. Business is good, at the moment we’re managing over 800 properties.
We became a Rockend client thanks to fileSMART. One of our property managers had heard about the product and because it interfaced with our property management software we decided to investigate it further. Initially we weren’t looking for a document management system per se, the real driving factor was mainly due to emailing and posting statements. We had so many requests and had to process all of them manually. Of course with the end of month statements you need to attach the invoices as well and that’s how the whole thing started. We kept getting more and more requests for statements and it got to the point where we thought, this just can’t go on!
fileSMART was the only product on the market that suited our requirements, allowed us to save paper and store everything in an electronic format. We thought that if Rockend was going to make this product available not only to their customers but allow it to interface with other solutions then it had to be good. It had already been around for a while and appeared to be very efficient from what I had heard and it solved our problem so we went ahead.
Cost wise, it’s certainly reduced postage and handling, not to mention manual labour. We haven’t got the huge task of collating documents at the end of month anymore. It’s made life a lot easier for everyone, both our property managers and accountants. The end of month workload is spread throughout the month and all you have to do is scan your documents. There’s been an absolute reduction of paper in the office and we’re gradually letting go of even more paper files. We’re able to archive a lot quicker and we’re now scanning all of our lease documentation and storing it in fileSMART.
Apart from the ease of producing email statements I was very surprised at how easy the printed statements are too. fileSMART automatically generates the statements with the attachments already included and all we have to do is print them and send them out.
Already we’ve had some very positive feedback from the land lords as they get their statements. They’re happy with how quickly they’re getting them and it’s obvious to me that there are a lot of people already storing their own documents electronically so they’re happy to be without the extra paperwork. It’s benefited us enormously as well. Within seconds you can look up a documents and its right in front of you. From there you can print, email, save, you can do whatever you want with it.
I’ve been telling other real estate agencies just how happy we are with fileSMART and urge anyone to have a serious look at it to make their office more efficient and cost effective. 

In the words of Robert Matthias, of Croll Real Estate.