Coronis, Brisbane

Coronis is an entirely family owned business with offices covering South East Queensland. The Coronis team comprises of over 270 dedicated people and specialises in residential, commercial and investment sales as well as having a well-established property management division which takes care of client's investment properties.

How did the Coronis property management department start and where are you now?

Coronis property management started with one office which had approximately 90 rentals. That's a bit different to today where we have over 20 offices and over 5,000 rentals. I started with us as a property manager in 1995, and today I am the Property Management Director.

What issues did you have with you previous property management software?

When we began to expand we found that for multi-office networking the software wasn't meeting our requirements. The support offered also wasn't meeting our requirements and it began to be unreliable. It caused a lot of stress in the office which was one of the reasons we decided to look around for another software provider. When we expanded to multiple offices the support was below ordinary and the software didn't have the capacity or the technology at the time to help us. Even now, I believe we have the best property management software on the market and that's REST Professional.

How was your experience implementing REST Professional?

When we made the decision to change software I felt that there were only a couple of dominant players in the market and REST Professional was one of them. We had just bought a bigger rent roll and the previous owners had being using REST. Based on their experience and confidence in the product to be able to manage that number of properties we decided to begin a partnership with Rockend.

The actual implementation was easy and the fantastic support is something I can't stress enough. The back end of REST Professional and the support we receive is sincerely the major reason why we continue to use REST and be happy about it. There are always going to issues and problems with a software and we are very aware of that, but they always get fixed diligently. We've been very happy since we partnered with Rockend, not just with REST Professional but also fileSMART, Rockend's Electronic Document Management Solution.

How has REST Professional improved your business?

I don't think we could do it without REST Professional and I'm going to say fileSMART at the same time. REST is fantastic, but it's the two products working together that really make the difference to our business efficiency. I can absolutely say that is why we are able to manage over 4,500 properties today, because we have a centralised trust accounting system. I believe the two products go hand in hand and you shouldn't have one without the other because it means you're not reaching your full potential as a business. For our office and the way we work, the two products are essential to our success.

We were one of the earlier adopters of fileSMART and the end of month procedures that we do including all the collating and sending of all those documents is just so much easier now that we have fileSMART.

The fact that it integrates with REST just makes things so much smoother for us all. I couldn't imagine going back and having to do everything manually now. It's about having more productive and efficient processes in place.

How do you rate the support that Rockend provides?

Whenever there's a problem it always gets fixed and I can't ask for more than that! We know we can rely on Rockend and it's that peace of mind that gives us confidence to run our business efficiently.
Generally speaking most property management software does a similar thing and I believe that what sets a provider apart is the support and service they offer the client. You don't need support when things are going well, however its times when something goes wrong and people are stressed out that you want support to come in and resolve the issue. This is the reason I rave about Rockend. 

In the words of Jodi Ford, Property Management Director of Coronis.