City Sales Apartment Realty, Auckland

City Sales are specialists in Inner City Auckland Property Management. With 16 years’ experience, the business is run by Director Shelley Dunn who talks to Rockend about using REST Professional.

As a Real Estate business with both sales and property management divisions we have quite specialised needs in terms of software. We had tried and tested about five different property management software solutions before recently changing to REST Professional.

The first software we started using wasn’t really meant for property management, it was something that was just tacked on to the sales side of it and as we only had a small property management division at the time, we didn’t really worry about it and we simply outgrew it. We then moved onto a software which the provider then decided to stop developing so we had no choice but to change again.

The most recent software had a multitude of little things wrong with it that just weren’t getting fixed and they were frustrating enough to make us look unprofessional in the eyes of our clients. In the meantime, our property management division had grown and needed better technology to do their jobs properly such as a mobile app and the ability to upload directly to websites that actually worked!

I wasn’t even aware until we got REST Professional just how automated some of the tasks were. We were spending time fiddling with our previous software to get those basics functions working whereas with REST you don’t have to worry, it all works! I had heard about REST Professional at a conference in Australia where I had seen it demonstrated. Initially I thought that because it was based in Australia it wouldn’t work for us, but the support team we had for a previous system was also based in Australia so I knew that wasn’t going to be a big issue. I didn’t actually intend on changing at that point in time but I had some questions about property management in general and Robert Bevan from Best Practice put me in touch with Rockend. They were fantastic. They answered all my questions and once I saw what Rockend could offer with REST Professional I was just blown away. I just could not afford NOT to have it!

The experience changing over has been 100% better than all of the previous changes in software we have done. The support was amazing throughout the process and it’s just been fantastic. I can call support and they get back to me in a timely fashion and are always professional and helpful.

Although we’ve only been using REST Professional for a short while, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s already knocked off a lot of time spent in manual tasks per month, which has allowed the property managers to spend more time managing properties. Everyone has been very pleased with it so far. It’s cut down admin tasks from other people in the office too. We had a lot of advertising being managed by the front desk and now all of those people have had those tasks removed which has freed up their time considerably.

Coming from three years of complete frustration and never expecting a property management software to work the way we needed it, we have been so impressed with REST Professional. I believe it works so well because it is such a well-established software that continues to grow and constantly get upgraded.

I can’t fault the support from Rockend and have been so impressed with the whole experience. If you’re considering changing software provider have a look at REST Professional, you’ll be so much better off that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t change sooner!