Absolute Strata Management, Kogarah, NSW


Absolute Strata Management was initially established to meet consumer demand for fixed fees without compromising great service. Owned and operated by Lance O'Loughlin and Cassie O’Connor, they believe that constant training and development of staff is essential and that technology is key to success. Cassie speaks to Rockend about their experience with STRATA Master and fileSMART.

How long have you been using STRATA Master and fileSMART?

We’ve been using STRATA Master for 10 years and implemented fileSMART in July 2011.

How did fileSMART initially help your business?

We decided to implement fileSMART as there is a huge amount of paperwork in this job and too much time was spent looking for paper which created delays in getting back to clients. fileSMART solved this problem. We had all documents at our fingertips so the response time to clients was almost instant as we could resolve most issues while we were on the phone.

Another advantage was that our administration staff now had access to information which enhanced their ability to assist the client during their first point of contact. It really gave clients confidence in our ability to help them. The time saving was a huge factor as well; we believe that fileSMART saved us the equivalent of one staff member.

You’ve recently implemented fileSMART Workflows, which allows you to electronically move documents around the business and assign to people for different tasks such as review and approval. How has this feature helped your business?

Again, it’s been a huge time saving. I estimate that it’s cut the time it takes for processing of accounts by 40%.

The tracking feature is great as we know where documents are at all times. Even if a document is archived incorrectly, you can still search it and find it, unlike a piece of paper. We can also see how many staff are working on particular matters so we can clearly see where we can improve and streamline our processes. From a management perspective it is a great tool to monitor the efficiency of the office and identify any areas that require fine tuning.

What was your experience implementing fileSMART?

It was easy to implement but it did take a bit of time to get used to. Initially, we were using fileSMART alongside our paper filing system but it didn’t take long to be fully confident in fileSMART. Now we dispose of all documents as soon as they are archived. Our team all saw the benefits of the system and were on board from the start. We now use the Workflow list in fileSMART as our main task list so we work from it every day. Overall, it has been a really positive experience.

How would you rate the service Rockend provides?

On the whole, we are very satisfied with the service from Rockend. Several members of the Rockend team have worked in the strata industry so they understand what we want and need. We are very happy.

What would you say to anyone considering using STRATA Master and fileSMART?

We would not hesitate to recommend it. We couldn’t go back to manual systems. When asked by potential clients what we can offer that is different (aside from customer service) it’s the technology. We have the information at our fingertips which translates into a better experience for the client.

What words would you use to describe fileSMART?

  • Efficient
  • Time saving
  • Process driven
  • Streamlined
  • Standardised