STRATA Master Version 9.1 - Now Available

Posted 30/11/2016

The new NSW strata legislation comes into effect as of today (30th November). STRATA Master v9.1 has been designed to be legislatively compliant and has the following features and enhancements:
  Knowledgebase: Easily access the Rockend Knowledgebase directly from within the application, without the need to enter your login credentials.
  Agency Agreement Reminder: You can now setup a reminder, which is recorded in the application, to ensure owners are informed of an upcoming agency agreement expiry.
  Committee Meeting: Record the lot which nominated an individual to the committee at committee meetings.
  Levy Wizard: Users are now able to set up default messaging for each type of notice issued from the levy wizard, helping maintain uniformity of documents.
  Meeting Changes: Tenants are now required to receive a copy of a general meeting notice, you can issue these notices using the delivery methods preferences set in the lot owners screen.
  Mandatory audits: To ensure that Mandatory audits are completed as required under the Act, a new quick report can be run to produce a list of plans requiring an audit.
  fileSMART Archive and search documents by Plan Status - filter your search in fileSMART with active and inactive plans. 

If you are in NSW, Upgrade Now from within STRATA Master to ensure you're legislatively compliant.

Do you want to find out more about the NSW Strata Legislation Changes? We have created a step-by-step upgrade and information page for our clients - Find out more


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