RE/MAX Hills & Country

RE/MAX Hills & Country is a family owned business that has been operating for approximately 20 years in the Adelaide area. With five people in the property management department, the team has found that they have saved around 12 hours a week with Rockend’s fileSMART. Property Management Department Manager, Katrina Burns talks about the teams’ experience using REST Professional and fileSMART.
How long have you been using REST Professional and fileSMART?
We’ve been using REST Professional since 2008 and we implemented fileSMART in early 2013.
How did fileSMART initially help your business and your service to clients?
We found that fileSMART made us so much more efficient and helped us to maintain our quick growth.  Our rent roll grew quickly during that time and with being busy in other areas of our property management business, fileSMART enabled us to save that extra time and maintain a high standard throughout our entire department.
fileSMART has helped us provide better service to our property investors. When clients called in, we found that we could assist them much quicker and usually on the first point of contact as we could quickly access the information from our desks rather than going to the filing cabinet. If they wanted something emailed to them, it’s just the tap of a button! The PrintMail feature has made it possible for us to email invoices and statements to clients without the delay of manually printing, collating and posting. There’s also less room for error; everything is archived in one place and there are no loose papers that can be misplaced. We estimate that fileSMART saved us at least 10-12 hours a week.
You’ve recently implemented fileSMART Workflows, which allows you to electronically move documents around the business and assign to people for different tasks such as review and approval. How has this feature helped your business?
We’ve found that the Workflows feature has given us the same benefits again as originally implementing fileSMART; we’re saving even more time. We only have to enter invoices once so efficiency has improved. Our property managers now enter all of their own documents so they’re more involved in the process, which has been great. When it comes time to pay the invoice in REST Professional, I’m now able to see the invoices so I’m saving time there; everything I need is at my fingertips so I don’t have to look for the hard copy of the invoice to make sure everything is correct.
What is the number one benefit of fileSMART?
Having a paperless office and now a paperless creditor system. There is no double handling, no double entry and no room for error.
What was your experience implementing fileSMART and with Rockend’s service?
We’re pretty impressed with Rockend. We found the implementation was really easy; the online courses showed us how to use the system and the support team is fantastic. The product is continuously improving and the support team answer our questions quickly. Rockend helps us to provide a professional service to our clients.
What would you say to anyone considering using REST Professional and fileSMART?
They’re great products. They work very well together, they save a lot of time and they’re really easy to use.