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New Cashbook Bank Adjustments Screen & Report

Record as many bank adjustment entries as needed in REST Professional. Keep track of adjustments easily with a new, simple screen that allows you to sort entries with a click and write longer descriptions and a new report saves time when tracking adjustments when to reconcile.

Invoice a tenant simultaneously whilst creating a disbursement

We understand that scanning invoices, creating disbursements and tenant invoices can be a time consuming and mundane. We’ve sped up this process by simplifying the workflow and minimising data entry.
Using water rates as an example, with the new workflow you can scan the invoices into REST Professional via a barcode scanner, create the creditor disbursement and you will then be prompted to create a tenant invoice. You will be automatically taken to the tenant invoice screen for processing.
Setting this up is optional and only takes a few clicks but could save you up to 30 seconds per invoice!

Duplicate Creditor Disbursement Warning

A warning will display if you add a duplicate creditor disbursement. This warning will appear in both the single and bulk creditor disbursement screens, saving you time by minimising possible errors.

The feature was one of the most requested at our User Meetings. Make sure you come along to User Meetings to have your say!

Mark a Creditor as Inactive

REST Professional now allows you to mark any creditor as either active or inactive. This makes searching for a creditor simple as you will no longer view any inactive creditors. You also have the option to automatically set temporary creditors to inactive at the end of each month.

More Features

Mid-Month/End of Month Wizards
You’ll never miss an important step or process again with the REST Professional End-Of-Month Wizard. No more manual checklists!
Automated Electronic Banking
REST Professional integrates seamlessly with banking software, allowing you to save time while paying owners, tradespeople, and you, the agent. It also allows you to receipt tenants automatically via the tenant download process. Receipting options include BPAY, deposit book, direct debit, rent card, etc.
Tenant Refunds
REST Professional streamlines the adjustments process with respect to refunds into a few easy steps. Together with Automated Electronic Banking, your processes become incredibly efficient.
Tenant Invoice Credit
Manage advance invoice tenant payments with ease. The ledger ensures that funds paid in advance for upcoming invoices by the tenant, are seamlessly managed.
Streamline your payments to Creditors by paying in bulk using BPAY. You can pay water rates, council rates, electricity, strata levies or any other creditor with a BPAY biller code. Bulk BPAY is compatible with ANZ, CBA, Macquarie Bank, NAB and Westpac platforms that support BPAY.
Barcode Scanning for Creditor Disbursements
Barcode scanning will speed up the processing of large batches of invoices, such as water rates, council rates, strata levies, etc., saving you time and improving accuracy.
Bond Payments
You can manage bonds held in your trust account with ease, and pay them to the Bond Authority in one step with Bond Disbursements.
Owner Withhold Funds Bulk Entry
REST Professional has the ability to enter bulk withhold amounts for Owners. This saves time and streamlines the Mid and End of Month processes as you do not need to open each individual Owner to update the withhold amount.
End of Month Wizard – Bulk Printing of Reports
Save time during End of Month with this feature as it allows you to bulk print all of your audit reports, including the trial balance, payments report, receipts report and ledgers in just one step

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