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Portfolio Management

fileSMART Creditor Disbursements Screen

fileSMART users can access the fileSMART Creditor Disbursements Screen in REST Professional to process invoices in a fraction of the time that it takes to enter them directly into REST Professional. Users are able to scan large quantities of invoices into fileSMART and take advantage of the Workflow feature in fileSMART.

This allows you to assign an invoice to an employee for different tasks such as approval and to track the document’s journey around the office. When the document is ready to be filed, a few clicks in fileSMART archives the document and sends it to REST Professional for processing. This means that both the data entry of the invoice in REST Professional and the auto-archiving in fileSMART is completed in one action so you can save time on data entry and double handling.

When processing barcoded invoices, fileSMART will prefill the barcoded data allowing you to process hundreds of barcoded invoices in the time it used to take to process just one! Watch the video to see it in action!


Inspection Workflow

The new Inspections Workflow simplifies your inspections process. Users can schedule, notify, charge fees and roll forward dates all in the one place at the one time. As well as this, multiple new fields give greater versatility around the entire inspection process.

Property Maintenance Management

REST Professional makes managing maintenance easier than ever. The property maintenance management workflow is simple and easy to follow. With more tabs and data fields than ever, you can record when and how a job was reported, a job summary and even attach images.

Quotes and work orders are easy to read and can include images. View your jobs at a glance with the easy to read jobs list and the ability to view all jobs for a specific property or creditor. Use the new maintenance tab on property and creditor profiles to view all jobs for that property or creditor, access the job and create a new job.

Portfolio Checker

Planning your day just got easier with Portfolio Check. We have enhanced the display so this daily task list is now easier to read and gives you even more information, including authority expiry dates. In one click you can drill down to each individual item and expand or collapse the list to view all tasks as well as refresh the list during the day to view any new action items.

Action & Conversation Diary

This powerful tracking and reminder system ensures that no tasks are left incomplete and that all interactions with clients are recorded. All users are able to write notes, record conversations and create and assign actions that relate to the property portfolio.

Web Advertising

Automatically upload listings of properties for sale onto multiple websites from REST Professional. This process saves you time, so you can focus on your portfolio.

REST Professional Help

REST Professional includes Help to assist users when searching for instructions more quickly and accurately. The Help also includes all Release Notes for prior versions so you can always keep up to date on any new features.

More Features

Arrears Management
Keeping arrears under control every day of the month is important to your business. REST Professional offers flexible tools that you can use to keep this in check.
The Inspection Wizard guides you through the post inspection process to ensure that you have completed all the necessary tasks.
Managing Vacancies
The Property Vacancy screen generates a snap shot of the vacancy list to help manage your portfolio. With different filter options, you can manage properties that are vacant, under renovation, or where an application has been received.
Streamlined Property Maintenance
With REST Professional, you can be on top of property maintenance with ease, by tracking the job from start to finish.

Automated Invoicing for Rent Re-Negotiation
When entering a rent increase change date that is not the anniversary date, a prompt to create an invoice that is pre-populated with the calculated amount due between the change date and the anniversary date is now available.
Strata Plans
This handy feature helps you manage units in a strata complex by recording and making the strata details available across the portfolio.

Alarm Code Field
Never lose an alarm code again with the facility to store property alarm code details in a specific field in REST Professional.
Managements Gained and Lost
Being able to record detailed information about where managements came from, and why managements were lost, provides a valuable insight into your business; REST Professional has several features to help you do this.

REST Professional Features

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