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Return on Investment

Property management ROI in an office with 500 Managements: 

• 500 Owner Statements are printed, collated and mailed every month
• 500 Statement copies are filed every month
• 100 Creditor statements are printed, collated and mailed every month
• 100 Creditor statement copies are filed every month

On average…

A property manager will spend 10% of their working week copying documents, filing documents, searching for documents, retrieving and refiling documents, and sending/mailing/faxing documents.

A property manager will also spend up to 10% of their time taking enquiries from owners and tenants for copies of documents and other information that can be made available online with fileSMART. This will cost your business $2000 per month for two property managers based on an average annual income of $60,000.

On average…

You will buy 25 reams of paper per month. This will cost you $125.00. It will take your property management/trust accounting staff 6 hours to retrieve invoices, collate, staple, fold and stuff 500 end-of-month statements. This will cost you $144.24 per month.

On average…

You will post 500 owner statements per month. This will cost you at least $350.00 for stamps and $75.00 for envelopes. You will print and/or photocopy some 12,500 pieces of paper (25 reams) including copies of:

• Tenancy agreements
• Tenant receipts
• Breach letters
• Inspection letters
• General correspondence
• Creditor accounts
• Owner statements

Every time you print it will cost an average of $0.03 (not including paper) for printer/photocopier consumables. This will cost you $375.00 .

Total cost of $3,069.24 per month or $36,830.88 per annum!

How else can you save?

• Document storage costs time and money. fileSMART eliminates the need for costing offsite storage. Filing cabinets can also be made redundant - fill this space with another productive person!
• Communicate with your clients more easily, efficiently and often. Use fileSMART to send newsletters, eliminating the cost of printing and posting.
• Reduce data entry with invoice processing. With the speed of processing time, accuracy of barcode reading and an audit trail including authorisation and approval, fileSMART users have reported a saving of up to 40% of the time spent on invoice processing.

Strata management ROI:

As a Strata Management company your organisation will, on average, spend 20% of the working week;
Copying, filing, searching, retrieving, refiling, mailing, emailing and faxing documents. This alone will cost your business around $1,666.66 per month for two staff based on an average annual income of $50,000 .
Whether these documents relate to insurances, creditor payments and compliance, general correspondence or lot owner’s updates, the ease at which you can store, retrieve and distribute documents increase in importance as your portfolio grows. Storing documents electronically using fileSMART streamlines this process allowing staff to concentrate on higher value tasks.
Additional cost savings come from the office space that can be freed by eliminating most paper records. With real estate costs increasing, converting record rooms into functional office space can create considerable cost savings. In other cases, you may be able to eliminate warehousing costs for years of old records.
The responsibility of storing original documents such as Certificates of Titles, Plans, Registration of By-Laws and Contracts often rests in the hands of the managing agent. Replacing these documents if misplaced or destroyed, many of which could not be recreated, is time consuming and potentially very costly. By storing them electronically using fileSMART your documents are securely backed up and retrievable within seconds.
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