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Benefits of storing documents electronically

Electronic document management is here to stay in not only the real estate industry, but many other industries as well. But what are the benefits for you if you invest in an electronic document management system?

•  Have instant access to any stored document directly from any computer in your office or remotely.
•  Implement structured filing protocols and procedures. Sound processes are essential, coupled with technology for managing the entire business including the control of all documents.
•  Eliminate the possibility of any lost or misfiled documents.
•  Email or reprint documents with a few clicks.
•  Documents are stored securely and can be backed up daily, along with your trust account management software.
•  Any document can be accessed by more than one person at a time.
•  Save office floor space by removing filing cabinets. Save money on external storage space that you might be using to store old archive boxes.
•  Get documents to your clients faster via email and online portals.
•  Save time and money immediately and reduce the total cost of ownership for your business.
•  Accurate records win cases. Keeping track of all calls, emails and letters in fileSMART means that they are date and time stamped. This could be the difference between winning or losing a case.
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